We are seeking Experienced RNs, LPNs, LNAs and MAs
for FlexChoice positions throughout our system.

Our diverse range of practice areas and opportunities includes:

  • Pediatrics (Peds/PICU/ICN) – (Lebanon, NH)
  • Labor and Delivery – (Lebanon, NH and Keene, NH)
  • Perioperative Services (PreOp, OR, PostOp/PACU) – (Lebanon, NH, New London, NH, Keene, NH and Windsor, VT)
  • Emergency Department – (Lebanon, NH, New London, NH, Keene, NH and Windsor, VT)
  • General (Med-Surg), Progressive, and Critical Care areas – (Lebanon, NH, New London, NH, Keene, NH and Windsor, VT)
  • Manchester/Concord, NH – (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • Nashua, NH – (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • Keene, NH – (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • Lebanon, NH – (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • New London, NH – (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • Windsor, VT – (Ambulatory Clinic)

Flex Map


We’ll Make It Easy!

We realize that these days it may get tough to traditionally commit to a certain practice location or timeframe. Life cannot always be 9 to 5, and sometimes certain work geography may work for you sometimes but not others. This is why we came up with FlexChoice, which lets you as a valued nurse choose your own work days, hours and place of practice. Choose to work for us one day or many, all in a row or spread out. Make money on your time, the way you want.

Our state of the art scheduling system and professional recruiters will outline everything and accommodate you fully while you do what you do best. Not only is this program designed for the most flexible schedule possible, it also allows you to gain experience selectively throughout our entire health system. You’ll work with award winning staff and the latest medical technology the industry has to offer.

You have nothing to lost and everything to gain, and it will all be completely customized for your needs, at your own pace!


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